Substance D


Substance D - Black ©1998 F.A.D.
1. It Begins
2. God
3. Slit The Wrist
4. FBI
5. Creep
6. Los Angeles
7. Super Human
8. Strange 48
9. Dark Gift
10. Useless
11. Hidden Bonus Tracks

The second the music kicks in on "God", you know precisely where this band lies in the scheme of American metal of the '90's. I can almost picture the walls of the various members of Substance D's bedrooms. Posters of White Zombie are everywhere, interspersed with an occasional Machine Head spread. (Thankfully there are no Pantera posters.) The distorted vocals of Todd Chaisson are so obviously influenced by Rob Z. that it is though Todd borrowed Rob's vocal cords to record Black. You can probably already guess where the music will fall. Yup. Big heavy slabs of low tuned riffs aiming right for your jugular lacking any originality but with some serious punch. These guys are very competent at what they are doing. You just shouldn't expect anything that you haven't heard before. I guess the good news is that at least they're pulling it off well.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1998

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