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Destruction By Definition

The Suicide Machines - Destruction By Definition ©1996
1. New Girl
2. SOS
3. Break The Glass
4. No Face
5. Hey
6. Our Time
7. Too Much
8. Islands
9. The Real You
10. Face Values
11. Punk Out
12. Vans Song
13. Insecurities
14. Inside/Outside
15. Zero
16. So Long

By 1996 the ska-punk Operation Ivy revival trend was in full force. The Suicide Machines (formerly known as Jack Kevorkian & The Suicide Machines) were among the bands that landed a record deal and threw their wares out on the punk community and turned out to be one of the better ones. The band wisely chose to keep punk rock as a strong part of their sound, including the catchiness of the ska movement. Loopy basswork, snazzy drumming and occasional ska chords merely add flavor to the band's sound. But the main thing these guys do is write catchy, fun songs that go over extremely well live. In fact, it was their live performance opening for the Descendents in '97 that originally caught my attention. Their ability to capture their energy on record is impressive. Singer Jay Navarro isn't blessed with a huge range, but he makes use of his voice well. The melodies on "SOS", "Islands" and "No Face" are the kind that are best shouted along with while driving your car down the freeway at high velocity. The band also knows how to break out a ska section without disrupting the flow of the song. Overall, if you have a tendency to go for this style at all, The Suicide Machines should be included somewhere in your collection of Buck-O-Nine and Less Than Jake records.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1999

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