Phlegmatic Sun

Super意ot - Phlegmatic Sun ©2001 Yperano
1. Acid Machine
2. Phlegmatic Sun
3. Cyanide & Concrete
4. Sorrow's Eve
5. The Lesser Of Two Evils
6. Tables Turn
7. Needle In The I
8. ...And Now I Want
9. Hate
10. Phlegmatic Sun (Full Version)
11. Break On Through

Super意ot's Phlegmatic Sun is pretty traditional metal fare that has its roots in early 90s Alice In Chains-style grunge and Load-era Metallica, with some clever nods to Kyuss. The good news is that everything is in place here: it is articulate, carefully composed and arranged, and the band is quite clearly having fun. It is also rather dense and, in order to for the songs to really unfold, in need of attentive listening.

But still, there's something missing. Maybe I'm getting old, but I can remember when Alice In Chains perfected this sound on Facelift with a harrowing, vaguely psychotic glow. Super意ot is like any young band, I suppose, clinging a little to closely to their influences, inadvertently overshadowing their own idiosyncracies, and falling short of providing any new thrills. The other problem, in my estimation, is the production, which is rendered apparently by Harry Hess, ex-Harem Scarem (and lets be honest, the man is guilty of nothing but playing sweetly addictive pop-metal and having poodle-hair.) The guitars are pretty chunky sounding, but kinda lack color; I imagine Metallica's Load demos would sound like somewhat like this.

That said, I am, on the balance, impressed by Phlegmatic Sun. Talent is a-plenty, the songs are catchy and have wide appeal, and it's a good showing all around. But bands like Alice In Chains, Metallica, and Kyuss cast shadows long and tall; shadows from which I hope Super意ot will emerge sooner than later.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 08/2001

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