I Wish I Was Driving

Sylvie - I Wish I Was Driving ©2002 Does Everyone Stare?
1. Smoke And Mirrors
2. Train Wreck
3. Four Days
4. Park Bench
5. Slide Show
6. Pixel
7. I Wish I Was Driving
8. Grid
9. The Reason Why

Arriving on the musical scene from Regina, Saskatchewan, Sylvie is a four piece emo-rock outfit that has the darned good sense to ditch pandering, sappy weak alt-rock for a more edgy, interesting pursuit that remembers the "rock" part of emo-rock. Moreover, the band also has a mellow side that allows for some intriguing instrumental and guitar work to give them a refreshing and enjoyable sound.

To some, I Wish I Was Driving might be reminiscient of Sunny Day Real Estate's The Rising Tide, sans those helium inflated lead vocals. For those who have really obscure record collections, Minnesota's Cold Cranking Amps comes to mind, what with the snappy guitar lines from time to time. The guitar playing often goes for texture while the rhythm section is slightly unusual in the bass lines. Vocally, the singer (three of the four members are credited with vocals and I haven't a clue which is the lead vocalist) has a strong voice, with just a touch of grit to give it power. His range is limited, but he makes great use of what he has. The songs are structured to allow for dynamic builds and movement within. For a debut, Sylvie shows some impressive songwriting skills.

Fans of the Sunny Day Real Estate school of emo-rock are hereby advised to search out Sylvie. This nine song debut (ten if you want to include the hidden track after "The Reason Why"...I honestly wish bands would stop that gimmick) is impressive and quite enjoyable.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2003

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