T-Ride - T-Ride ©1992 Hollywood Records
1. Zombies From Hell
2. Backdoor Romeo
3. Ride
4. You And Your Friend
5. I Hunger
6. Luxury Cruiser
7. Hit Squad
8. Bad Girls And Angels
9. Bone Down
10. Fire It Up
11. Heroes And Villains

The short-lived T-Ride was a trio composed of a guitarist who studied with Joe Satriani, a drummer who would wind up producing Joe Satriani, and a bass player-lead singer who, never having had anything to do with Joe Satriani, appeared and disappeared as quickly as the band itself. When this, their only album, came out in 1992, in the middle of a worldwide bout of Queenomania, they were hailed as a metal version of Queen that would take over the world. That, as soon became evident, did not happen, and the trio dissolved without anybody noticing.

The music on this album is rather bombastic and very original, in spite of references to Queen and other vocally layered bands. A few gang choruses, a sign of the times, soil a couple of songs ("Fire it up"), but the material is clearly their own: an agressive blend of sex rock and melodic metal with thunderous drums, sinuous basslines, and all-over-the-place rhythm guitar.

However, what makes this album a must-have regardless of one's tastes in music is its phenomenal sound. A trio never sounded as big as T-Ride: layers upon layers of harmonized vocals by the three members are stacked on top of dense power trio grooves with nary a guitar solo, in spite of guitarist Jeff Tyson's obvious virtuosity ("Bone down"). The sound is simply enormous, and this album undoubtedly has the most incredible production (by drummer Eric Valentine) ever heard in rock/metal.

This album came out at a time when the genres it is affiliated with were falling out of favor as fast as internet startups in 2000. As a consequence, it is really easy to find in cheapo bins. Skip the whipped cream at Starbucks and get this CD with the change.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 01/2001

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