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Sender Of Thoughts

Tad Morose - Sender Of Thoughts ©1995 Black Mark
1. Fading Pictures
2. Sender Of Thoughts
3. Morning Sun
4. Lost In Time
5. Different Eyes
6. Time Of Silence
7. Forever Gone
8. Circle Of Souls
9. Here After
10. Gates Of Babylon
11. Netherworld

Tad Morose are a power prog group that have had the ups and downs in their career. When they are up, they are absolutely top shelf. When they are down, they are an agonizing listen. Fortunately, they've only had one real miss in their discography, 1995's Paradigma, which suffered from really poor production. Some will argue that A Mended Rhyme suffered from the change in vocalists too much to be enjoyable, but that is more a matter of personal taste.

The line that is walked on this disc is razor fine and yet is walked with such amazing precision that it will make your jaw drop. The music is heavy, guitar fueled precision. It is also atmospheric and keyboard haunted. The closest comparison I can readily come up with is Evergrey, only more so. The music is eerie and heavy but is very accessible at the same time. The songs are moody and sorrowful but warm and inviting. They are cold and distant and at the same time they draw you in and envelope you with their closeness. I guess I don't quite know how to classify this one other than saying this is a stellar performance.

There are many varying elements to the sound. It does not grow repetitive to any extent. The use of the guitars and keys create a multihued tapestry of sound that welcomes the listener while assaulting him or her with it warm aggressiveness. The atmosphere is haunting and powerful, the lyrics suitably drenched in sorrow. The songs average six minutes or better. The cover of Rainbow's "Gates of Babylon" is wonderfully done, imbuing the song with a level of emotion that even Ronnie James Dio couldn't manage.

Any fan of intensely impassioned power prog will love this disc. It is a stunning performance.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 03/2001

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Tad Morose - Undead ©2001 Century Media
1. Intro
2. Servant Of The Bones
3. Another Time Around
4. Where The Sun Never Shines
5. Order Of The Seven Poles
6. Undead
7. No Tears In The Rain
8. Intro / Lord On High
9. Corporate Masters
10. No Wings To Burn
11. The Dead And His Son


This disc is un-freaking-believable. Wow. I imagine that word is going to keep popping up in this review, but one listen to the disc will have you thinking the same thing. Tad Morose have been trying to go in the direction of greater accessibility and heavier, more powerful riffs. Two shots in that direction didn't work as well as they'd have liked with Paradigma and A Mended Rhyme. This disc hits the nail absolutely square and hits it in such a way that you'll never have want for another nail in your life. This disc is amazing.

The first thing you notice is the guitar. While the chopping riffs of Tad Morose were always a hallmark of their sound, this disc pulls out the stops and slams the guitar down your throat with some of the most aggressive play they've ever done. It absolutely kicks down your door, the frame, the surrounding wall and pretty much demolishes everything you thought you knew about progressive power metal. The guitar powerfully dominates this disc from start to finish. This is the heaviest thing I have ever heard from Tad Morose, and it is a wonderfully wild ride from start to finish. Wow, what a fabulous disc! Those of you who know me know that I don't get really excited about very much, but this disc is one of those things that really gets me going. Some might accuse this disc of being too influenced by eighties metal, but since I was a very big fan of eighties metal, it only serves to further enhance the experience for me.

The band really focused on the melodies and further fleshed out their song writing in ways that make all the difference. This disc flows and fits like a well worn glove. The sound is so accessible that it will draw you in, sit you down, stick a drink in your hand and then proceed to pummel you into a happy puddle. Discs like this are so rare and so wonderful when you find them. Go buy this disc now. Wow! This disc is a masterpiece of powerful progressive metal. It will utterly redefine the genre for you. I realize that 2001 is still very close to the beginning and a lot of year remains, but this disc gets my vote for "best of the year" right now. If something comes along this year better than this disc, I don't know that I will be able to survive listening to it. Wow! What a disc!

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 03/2001

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Matters Of The Dark

Tad Morose - Matters Of The Dark ©2002 Century Media
1. Sword Of Retribution
2. Matters Of The Dark
3. Ethereal Soul
4. I Know Your Name
5. In The Shadows
6. Another Way
7. New Clear Skies
8. Riding The Beast
9. Reason Of The Ghost
10. The Devil's Finger
11. Don't Pray For Me

I'm sure all of us have had grandmothers who said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." In honor of my own granny's memory, I've decided to heed that advice today.





Right, then.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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