Taiga Remains

Descend From Ivory Cliffs

Taiga Remains - Descend From Ivory Cliffs ©2008 Waterscape Records
1. Descend From Ivory Cliffs

Firmly rooted in the field of drone ambience, Taiga Remains is one of the 21st century world of artists who release a prodigous amount of music in a variety of extremely limited edition formats. Alex Cobb is the mastermind behind this project and has put out quite a bit of music since 2005 under this moniker. Naturally, being terrifically obscure, Descend From Ivory Cliffs is the only material I've heard so far, but it is the type of listening experience that encourages me to continue looking for more.

Composed of a single, twenty-two plus minute track, Descend From Ivory Cliffs is a study in tones and decay. It is the sort of ambient music that, when listened to actively, seems like absolutely nothing is happening, yet a more passive approach allows for the subtle undercurrent to capture the listener. It is the sort of music where nothing and many things happen at the same time, depending on how you are using your attention. The movement in the track is perceptible but best if you let yourself wander than focus. The song builds into a climatic point before subsiding.

Granted, this is the sort of music that is best suited for people who might be otherwise entirely bored of music. However, for those who appreciate unformed musical composition, Descend From Ivory Cliffs is an impressive piece of work.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2008

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