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Secrets & Lies

Taint - Secrets & Lies ©2008 Candlelight USA
1. Hex Breaker
2. Corpse Of love
3. Barnstorm Zombie Revival
4. Born Again Nihilist
5. The Idealist
6. Goddamn This City
7. What The Crow Saw
8. Triumvirate
9. Mass Appeal Sadness

Upon my initial listen to this Welsh trio, my first instinct was to dislike this effort immensely. But during the duration of Secrets & Lies, Taint slowly won me over and nursed me past my reservations. Taint is one of those "post-hardcore" or "sludge metal" or whatever you want to call it type of bands that specialize in downtuned, thick guitar riffs, gruff vocals and grooves. And not in that nu-metal way that most fans outgrow by the age of sixteen. Rather, Taint is in general ballpark of Clutch meets early Cave In or somesuch comparison. Taint's main strength is in their strong sense of a good riff and guitarwork. In fact, that's the main reason to listen to this album. While they're not exactly competing with Yngwie Malmsteen for flash, the song arrangements and riffs work very well to keep this album moving. My one major complaint is the monotonous vocal approach, which caused my original dismay with Secrets & Lies. While the trio is dynamic with their instruments, the vocals are a detraction and would be the one main area that could use future improvement. Many good bands suffer from lack of a good singer and sometimes I wonder why, if a good vocalist can't be found, more bands just don't go out as an instrumental outfit.

Oh yeah, now I remember...Karma to Burn didn't exactly light up the charts as an instrumental trio.

Taint might also be better served taking the Isis approach and moving the vocals back in the mix and let the rifforama be the focal point. However, for those who like gruff, hardcore-ish vocalizing, Taint will certainly not bother you one bit. In fact, for fans of groove meets dirty sludgey metal, Secrets & Lies is heartily recommended.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2008

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