Tanger - Tanger ©1999 Owned & Operated Records
1. Omnipotent
2. The Night I Bombed Dresden
3. Query
4. Fatalistic
5. Six Feet
6. Balance
7. Blame
8. My Hands
9. Half Full
10. Comrade
11. Before You Were Dead
12. Coax

Easily the most bombastic, confrontational bands to erupt from the Fort Collins, Colorado, scene, Tanger harnesses the slicing, venomous edge of Big Black and throws in a reasonable amount of Black Flag inspired anger to create a rather vicious disc. Tanger did happen to enlist the help of a certain Steve Albini to record this album, so the slight feel of that indie rock style is present. The basic format for a Tanger song is a slashing, repetitive guitar line over a tight, locked-down rhythm section, with Jason Chinnock barking out lyrics like a drill sargeant. That is rather fitting considering the militaristic overtones of the liner notes. Chinnock pretty much has a limited range (similar to Rollins) but it is effective considering the general anger contained in the music. What Tanger does well is catch a riff that is pulsating and memorable, as in "The Night I Bombed Dresden" or "Balance". Compared to their live show, this CD still has a lot to live up to, but goes a long ways in capturing what this band is about.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2000

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