The Tank

Demonstrating Potential EP

The Tank - Demonstrating Potential EP ©2001 Does Everyone Stare?
1. Sickday
2. Overview
3. Bad Advice
4. Glass Presser
5. The Crew

That The Tank is from Orange County, CA is probably not incidental. Like many of last decade's better exponents of this sound (most of whom end up on either Epitaph or Fat Wreck), The Tank have been soaking up the sunshine of California and transmuting it to fast, catchy, simple, melodic, kinda snotty, wholly benign pop-punk. I think any one who has heard Pennywise or Green Day know the drill here; you can either do this stuff, or you can't. I put The Tank in the former column, although they don't add much to the genre, how much can really be added? I should add that this is an enhanced CD with a video for a song called (I presume) "Thomas Guide", which is actually more impressive and hooky than anything on the regular CD.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 08/2001

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