Teen Idles


Teen Idles - 100 ©1996 Dischord
1. Adventure
2. Teen Idles
3. Sneakers
4. Trans Am
5. Fiorucci Nightmare/Getting In My Way

In honor of Dischord Record's 100th release, the label went back to their very first band to release a special package. The Teen Idles were the first Dischord release, and seeing as how label founders Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson were in the band, that seems only appropriate. This EP consists of demo and practice tape material and is a great little way to see how legends were "way back when". This was the band before Minor Threat, before Fugazi and all the rest. MacKaye was actually the bass player.

For a bunch of teens who were basically still learning their instruments, this is pretty good stuff. Of course, I look at it from the In-Awe-of-MacKaye (and all he's done) perspective, but still... Adventure is a surf/spy guitar instrumental and the rest is basic late 70's punk with the snide bratty vocals to match. Personally, I think everyone who is into anything that Minor Threat, Fugazi, or any DC band did should check this out, if nothing else to thank the label who's provided us with over fifteen years of honest music with integrity.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1997

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