Tension Wire


Tension Wire - Explicits ©2001 Seymour Records
1. How Do You Know???
2. One Hand!!
3. Deaf/dumb/blind
4. Restop
5. This X Never
6. Tone Down
7. Resolve...
8. All Thumbs
9. When It's Time To Go
10. Yeah Right

Tension Wire is a three piece poppish punk band from Chicago. Explicits represents their debut album into the music world and is rather undefined and not completely articulated. The band has flashes of promise throughout the disc, often in the guitar playing and tone, but on a whole, the album leaves a lot to be desired, particularly in the vocal department. Often the band comes across as hesitant to cut loose and tear things up and that leaves the listener wishing for more. The guitar style occasionally reminds me of a Bob Mould type of hazy distortion, particularly in "One Hand!!". Bassist/vocalist Frank Ciampi actually has a weird distinction of actually sounding a bit like David Lee Roth, usually when he tries to hit higher notes. Most of the time he sounds flat and acts as a liabilty with the songs. Perhaps either some vocal lessons or quality time singing along with those old Van Halen records would help.

Tension Wire does sound like a work in progress and for a young band, there are moments of promise within Explicits. Rich Wiley's guitar playing could very well develop into something very interesting in the future, especially if he can summon his own brand of unique distortion and smog for an identifying tone. I'll admit Explicits will never be played in this household again, but some of the better songs ("One Hand!!", "Resolve..." or "All Thumbs") suggest this band will get better given more time together and more experience under their belts.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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