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Défloration 13

Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine - Défloration 13 ©2001 Epic
1. Une Ambulance Pour Elmo Lewis
2. Quand La Banlieue Descendra Sur La Ville
3. Le Touquet Juillet 1925
4. Also Sprach Winnie L'ourson
5. Guichet 102
6. Joli Mai Mois De Marie
7. Camélia : Huile Sur Toile
8. Parano Safari En Egotrip Transit (ou Comment Piéger Son Ange Gardien)
9. Eloge De La Tristesse
10. Roots & Déroutes Plus Croisement
11. Les Fastes De La Solitude
12. Comment J'ai Usiné Ma 13ème Défloration (CDRom Track)

French singer/songwriter Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine is a semi-underground cult hero in France and European French-speaking countries. In this third phase of his career, his music has stabilized into a not especially remarkable blend of pop and rock with more modern (i.e. electronic) influences in the arrangements. What makes Thiéfaine who he is, though, is the ever-quirky nature of his lyrics, which are always interesting and often brilliant and will most probably be lost on listeners who don't speak fluent French.

Thiéfaine's recent albums have shown signs that he was losing his endearing edge with age and sobriety; Défloration 13 somewhat tempers those fears with such songs as the rocking/electronic "Joli Mai mois de Marie" and particularly "Parano Safari...". "Guichet 102" recalls some of his earlier songs ("Mathématiques souterraines"), and the vibe of this whole album has thankfully more in common with his 1980s output than his past few albums did.

While not as even and brilliant as Meteo für Nada or incisively dark as the drug-inspired Soleil cherche futur and Alambic / sortie sud, this album would make an easy introduction into Thiéfaine's wacky world of words for those interested in exciting lyrics and the more rocking side of French pop music.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 06/2001

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