In Therapy

Thine - In Therapy ©2002 Peaceville
1. Best Kept Secret
2. Feel
3. In Therapy
4. Homewrecker Extraordinaire
5. Never Learn
6. Contact Point
7. In Red Rooms
8. Last Better Day
9. Deny Everything
10. The Bar
11. Running
12. Bleaker Audio

There is certainly a handful of you folks out there who just utterly adore the "emo-metal" that has been coming out ever since Katatonia and Anathema decided that shredding vocal chords and playing slow, ponderous doom metal wasn't the only way to say, "You know, I don't feel so great about things today." And certainly there are a few people who just can't get enough of Anathema's A Fine Day To Exit. Luckily for them, there is Thine, yet another British emo-metal band that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you give a British youngster a guitar, he'll write weepy songs and mope about. Think about it. How many cheerful bands from the United Kingdom can you think of? Paradise Lost doesn't count, by the way.

Thine started out in the late 90s as an eclectic doom influenced metal band that had a fairly unusual debut with A Town Like This. However, during the long gap between their debut and 2002's follow-up, In Therapy, Thine chose to simplify their songs and essentially dwell in the same territory that falls right smack between Anathema's Judgement and A Fine Day to Exit. The music writing sticks to very straight forward approaches, using almost upbeat tempos and guitar sounds. Only vocalist Alan Gaunt sounds terribly despondent about anything. His voice has tendencies to sound a bit like a weepy new wave or Brit popstar singer, but it works very well for the music at hand. The one drawback to In Therapy is that over the course of the album, the sameness of the songwriting causes the album to seem longer than it really is. However, it must also be said there is variety between songs, but the themes seem to be the same. Occasional lyrical passages come across as awkward, but believe me, there are worse examples out there.

Overall, In Therapy is a solid release from a somewhat unknown band. Thine is in the same league as current Anathema and Katatonia (though second stringers) with this release and will appeal to those who enjoy the strains of pop mixed with light doom metal tendencies.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2003

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