Into The Blue Room

ThinkingDayRally - Into The Blue Room ©2001 Bravenoiserecords
1. Trigger
2. Patriot
3. The Ride
4. Autumn Time
5. Rust Away
6. French Town

Inspired by the introspective demeanor of shoegazer and dreampop music, but taking a different angle, is Florida's ThinkingDayRally. The band features a sound that reminds one slightly of Ben Folds Five's more somber, thoughtful moments matched with the overall moodiness and pensive aspects of the Slowdive realm of music. The band's music is created and centered around piano and the excellent and expressive vocals of John Allen. Guitar is used as a highlighter and co-lead instrument, although it foresakes the feedback and sheen of noise aspects usually associated with Slowdive comparisons. The six songs presented here (seven, if you want to include the unlisted "hidden" track, which happens to be a nifty cover of the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?"...but when will bands get over hidden tracks?) are uniformly excellent, capturing the emotional state of someone who has wistfully taken stock of his existence and can at least look his failings and shortcomings in the eye. Allen's voice is not necessary that of a virtuoso, but it is capable of conveying the exact emotional quality dictated by the songs. The result is a surprisingly excellent little disc that will encourage me to further check out this band's music on future releases.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2002

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