Thou Art Lord


Thou Art Lord - Apollyon ©1996 Unisound
1. Hate Is Thicker Than Love
2. Prelude To The Apocalypse
3. Wardance Of The Empress
4. He Whom The Gods Hath Feared
5. Societas Satanas
6. Experimental Magik
7. Moonscar
8. In Blood We Trust

Without even having to peek in their CD racks, I can just bet that these Greek lads have some old Destruction and Kreator records in their collections. Thou Art Lord, which is a side project of various Greek luminaries such as Rotting Christ and Mortify, proves their affinity towards older thrash as well as more 90s black metal sensibilities on Apollyon. The nicest thing about this band is that they don't pander to simple imitation; rather they make an attempt to do something beyond typical hero worship. The songwriting is strong and very aggressive and the band focuses entirely on just making memorable music. They do the obligatory keyboard passages ("He Whom the Gods Hath Feared" is quite superb) and riff friendly thrashers. By album's end, there is a bit of a lag as the material rushes together a bit much but along the way, the listener will get kicked in the face with some truly good thrash like "Societas Satanas". For anyone who still harbors a warm fuzzy feeling for thrash of yesteryear and doesn't want to bother with derivative second rate garbage, Thou Art Lord will fulfill the needs with great competency.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/1999

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