Thought Riot

Sketches Of Undying Will

Thought Riot - Sketches Of Undying Will ©2003 A-F Records
1. With Love, The Underground
2. You're Gonna Die
3. Glenview
4. On New Tablets
5. Homeland Insecurities
6. The Hermit Of Sils Maria
7. Cycle Of The Streets
8. Hard Words
9. I Voted For Nader
10. A Song In Response To...
11. Ink Soaked Pages
12. Walking Stick For The Weak

For most punk bands, originality is not exactly their reigning doctrine for existence. Unfortunately, the vast majority of current punk bands is that their originality is also coupled with slovenly playing and the inability to even remotely establish their own sound. However, there are a few bands out there who, while not exactly being original, at least have the ability to craft fun, catchy songs. With punk rapidly becoming stale, I'll take an unoriginal but enjoyable band any day.

In the case of the young Thought Riot, we have a band that offers A.F.I. styled "bro punk" with a bit more of a political edge. Thought Riot's sound can quickly be traced to a Pennywise and A.F.I. influence, with fast paced songs, catchy singalong melodies and fairly basic riffing that simply gets the job done. While at first I was shouting, "Damn you to hell! We already have A.F.I. and Pennywise and I outgrew them once I discovered there is a fourth chord!", I got over my initial animosity towards this band and realized that they do a pretty fine job of this style. Despite being by the numbers and quite predictable in all regards, the songs themselves are catchy, memorable and energetic, all the requirements for this style of music. At the very least, we should be thankful Thought Riot isn't putzing out to be yet another weepy emo band. So if you like this sort of thing, you probably can't go wrong with Thought Riot's Sketches of Undying Will.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2003

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