Throne Of Nails

Acts Of War

Throne Of Nails - Acts Of War ©2002 Crash Music
1. Invasion
2. Spoils Of War
3. Minions
4. I Command
5. So The World May Be Dark
6. Apocalypse
7. Cast The War
8. Souls To Be Crushed
9. Scar Of Creation
10. Ascension
11. Bled By Infinity

You know you're in trouble when the best sound a CD provides is the crinkle of taking off the shrink wrap.

Throne of Nails is yet another entry in an already cluttered, bloated and exceedingly redundant genre of brutal death metal. I suppose you could lump them in the same vague territory as Bolt Thrower, particularly since the subject of war permeates the entire CD. And I suppose there are indiscriminate fans out there still who will buy anything that claims to be brutal. However, listening to this wretched, limp and tired waste of plastic is more tedious than sitting next to the drunk guy in the bar who repeatedly tells you about his favorite baseball team. The fact of the matter is that metal has been endlessly inbreeding itself from within and all the vast majority of bands are doing are copying their influences without bothering to add any sort of identity. Nothing Throne of Nails does sets them apart from any of their peers. When CD prices cost most fans at least an hour, if not two hours of wages, it's not a lot to ask for more from their music than rehashing a style that's been done into the ground over the past decade. This is the sort of release best left on the store's racks, safely within its shrink wrap, and far away from your stereo and good taste.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2002

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