Thy Majestie

The Lasting Power

Thy Majestie - The Lasting Power ©2000 Scarlet Music
1. Thy Majestie Theme
2. Wings Of Wind
3. March Of The Damned
4. Under Siege
5. Name Of Tragedy
6. Durnovaria
7. . . . At The Village
8. Mystery Of Forest
9. Cruenta Pugna
10. The Green Lands
11. Sword Of Justice
12. Tears Of Sorrow
13. Treachery
14. Nymph's Recall
15. Time To Battle

As the Germans seem to produce power metal bands left and right, so the Italians seem to produce the epic, symphonic fantasy metal bands as fast as they can. Thy Majestie are the latest newcomers to the field dominated by Rhapsody. Fans of Rhapsody need to take note of this disc while they are waiting for Rhapsody's Dawn Of Victory since this disc is a very acceptable substitute. In fact, it could easily come to replace Rhapsody and others who seem to have been born in the wrong century.

Thy Majestie incorporate the usual themes of swords and sorcery, utilizing symphonic elements and choirs and atmosphere galore to produce their interpretation of the genre. This disc succeeds on many levels. The attention paid to the details of how the songs fit together is great. There are several interludes a la Blind Guardian's Nightfall In Middle Earth. These are segues and small pieces that make the whole concept fit together very nicely. The vocal melodies are also very well done. The singing is not the melodramatic style you will find on other epic metal discs, but is a clean, clear and honest approach that is refreshing.

Where The Lasting Power succeeds best is in stopping short of being an overblown, strutting piece of schlock. The music never loses focus on the story and never goes further than need be to make its point. The focus on the atmosphere is subtle enough so that the listener is never insulted with blatantly unnecessary music. There is no playing for the sake of showing off here, but a tightly unified concept being played with precision. The story is of Arter, a warrior and king, trying to bring peace back to his land. While it may not be terribly original, it is filled with sweeping drama and has a wonderful renaissance feel to it. The blending of the classical pieces with the metal and traveling minstrel bits is well done. The music flows smoothly from one mood to the next. So much attention has been paid to the composition that you'll hardly notice the transitions because they feel so right when they come.

The sound is very similar to Rhapsody and fans of the epic, symphonic metal that seems to be cropping up more and more will no doubt flock to this disc. This one stands head and shoulders above the typical fantasy-epic metal disc. In my opinion, they are better than Rhapsody even on this, their debut disc, simply due to the restraint they show in sticking to the story. Where Rhapsody is almost humorous in their oh-so-serious approach to the defense of truth, justice, and the power metal way, Thy Majestie impress me with their willingness to step back and weave the story with subtle shades, hints and allegories in addition to straight forward heavy metal. This disc deserves a listen a must have for fans of symphonic metal.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 10/2000

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