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To Die For - Epilogue ©2001 Nuclear Blast
1. Crimson Twins
2. Veil Of Tears
3. Hollow Heart
4. Veiled
5. The Unknown
6. Frail Without You
7. In Solitude
8. Chains
9. Immortal Love
10. Garden Of Stones

So Finland has produced another gothy, heavy rock act featuring a handful of tunes that are straight from the textbook of gloomy and moody music. This one happens to be named To Die For (or To/Die/For, if you want to be precise, but the slashes really do not add much mystique to their chosen band name) and their sound is nothing that will stand out from any of the other acts attempting this style. They certainly do it very efficiently and with just enough flair to keep me from ejecting this CD for something a bit more stimulating. However, at the same time, they're also the kind of band one can quickly tune out if a distraction comes along.

The "nothing-special" approach of To Die For relies primarily on the same sort of thing that H.I.M. has been doing for awhile: basic, heavy guitar riffing, keyboard accompanyments, low toned singing (complete with Tiamat-esque heavy accent and enunciation), etc. The lyrical material is your basic rundown of alienation, loneliness and garden variety despair. Perhaps if you are in your late teens and still feel an unnatural amount of remorse over that breakup you had with your eighth grade sweetheart, To Die For could provide a fitting soundtrack. And there are a couple good tunes on here that do stand out. "Hollow Heart" is groovy and catchy as the Asian flu and some of the interplay between the guitars and atmospheric keyboards does work fairly well. In fact, To Die For is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who truly delves into heavy rock with a gothy overtone. Epilogue, in fact, may be just right for gothy metal kids who may wear black on the outside, but still have white underwear underneath.

The one thing I'm holding against this band are their two "hidden tracks". One of them is a moody little number deserving of a teeny bit of attention while the remainder of the CD is a simple riff being repeated over and over for a good half hour. Maybe the band thought it was funny but it's the kind of thing that deserves scorn for wasting my time.

As a result of a few listens, I have determined that this band's output is reasonably decent, but their Epilogue will read that they were certainly nothing to die for.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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