Toxic Narcotic

We're All Doomed

Toxic Narcotic - We're All Doomed ©2002 Go Kart Records
1. We're All Doomed
2. Whatever It Takes
3. I'm So Thirsty
4. Asshole
5. Ruined
6. We're Not Happy 'till You're Not Happy
7. At War With Nature
8. Pave The Planet
9. Bullshit Conditions
10. You Were Warned
11. Talk Is Poison Idea
12. Shut The Fuck Up
13. 5 Billion People Must Die

For a band who has been around for a decade and a half, Toxic Narcotic sure is sloppy and very unenjoyable. The band supposedly has a lengthy discography (most of which is unaccounted for as of this writing), but if We're All Doomed is any indication, the rest of the material would best stay far from my ears.

In short, this band is an awful, slovenly mess. Their style consists mostly of playing fast with little connection between the members. One could say they're on the same page, perhaps, but certainly working on different paragraphs. The approach is aggressive, but it is all conflict without resolution. So great, they're angry, they probably will come to my house and beat me up, but the aggression is without purpose. This is definitely one of those thoroughly lousy records with little merit.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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