Trail Of Tears


Trail Of Tears - Profoundemonium ©2000 Napalm Records
1. Countdown To Ruin
2. Driven Through The Ruins
3. Fragile Emotional Disorder
4. Profoundemonium
5. Sign Of The Shameless
6. In Frustration's Preludium
7. In Frustration's Web
8. Released At Last
9. Image Of Hope
10. Disappointment's Hope
11. The Haunted

As a card carrying member of Napalm Records' Breast Band Brigade, Trail of Tears (who are not Cherokee, incidentally, or even remotely close) proves that they are deserving of the title of musical redundancy with their fellow Breast Band Brigade members, which include Tristania, Siebenburgen and The Sins of Thy Beloved. The cover art for Profoundemonium doesn't show quite as much booby as some other recent Napalm Records releases, but the toweled woman on the cover does qualify the band. Apparently someone in Napalm's art department either is a very frustrated young man or the current marketing approach hopes that sexual images will help sell the label's product to other equally frustrated young men.

Trail of Tears shows that they are a reasonably competent, fairly talented band on Profoundemonium, but there is nothing particularly profound or unique about their approach if you've heard some of their labelmates before. Featuring the beast-boy deathy vocals and a lighty, airy female soprano, the mix of bombast and beauty is truly nothing unique. Trail of Tears has a very lush, symphonic edge, which does add a little class to their music. The more bombastic, heavy metal influence is done in perfect placement to the rest of the elements of their music. Your need for purchasing this album may boil down to precisely how high your need for yet another band of this ilk is. Profoundemonium is well executed, yet nothing special, so thus, fans outside the target audience may not be all that impressed. However, those who actually can't get enough of this style and the artwork should definitely check this one out. Just don't expect it to be the most profound release of 2000.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2001

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