Transport League


Transport League - Superevil ©1998 The Music Cartel
1. Lost In The Desert Of Habib
2. Proud Cuts
3. Jesus Came
4. Magnetic Star
5. High Riding Witch
6. Rotten Soil
7. Filthy Old Liars
8. Led Poison
9. Mantha
10. Bloodblinder
11. Superevil

The first gold star goes to the band for the title Superevil. Any band that places their collective tongues that far into their collective cheeks deserves a little bit of attention for their trouble. The second gold star goes to the band for taking a stale harddcore tinged sound and making something groovy with it. That's right. Transport League isn't content to just shout about the ills of the world to a generic backbeat of overbaked riffs courtesy of the Hardcore Factory®. Rather, they remember that rock music requires motion and a forward feel to the song. It is okay, they tell us, to mix boogie with anger and aggression. In the end you just might get a memorable and fun song to hear. Too often you get a ticked off band that comes across bland and banal due to their inclusion of but one emotion: anger. That can only take you so far. With a catchy approach, songs like "Magnetic Star" grab you as a listener via the immediate catchiness and ask you to explore what else they are trying to say. Hopefully more bands will realize that it is helpful to be something besides just angry.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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