Til Evighet

Trelldom - Til Evighet ©1995 Head Not Found
1. Endløs Vandring Gjennom Evighet
2. Fullmaanens Hemmelighet
3. Disappearing Of The Burning Moon
4. Sannhet, Smerte Og Død
5. Taake
6. Sunset
7. Chains Of Solitude
8. Frosten Har Tint Mine Smerter
9. Til Evighet..

Although a few years ahead of the game, the album cover to Trelldom's Til Evighet may very well solve the mystery of who was harassing those poor kids in the forest in The Blair Witch Project. They certainly look spooky enough to be causing such a terrifying ruckus.

Regardless of which forest Trelldom wandered out from, Til Evighet is simply just another example of raw, primitive black metal with only slightly above average songwriting. The production sounds as though it was rushed and whoever ran the equipment didn't really understand what all those mysterious dials, sliders and knobs were for. Black metal is meant to have a raw production, not squashed. Regardless, listeners can still hear what's going on with Til Evighet for the most part. The album is mostly just fast black metal blitzes with a vocalist who sounds like a small dog with chronic throat problems. Rumor has it they're a Nazi band, but the unintelligible rasping isn't very effective propaganda. On a whole, they come across as a Darkthrone disciple with a handful of decent riffs, but not enough to justify a mad caper across your city to find a copy. Proceed directly to their incredible second release, Til Et Annet..., instead.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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Til Et Annet...

Trelldom - Til Et Annet... ©1998 Hammerheart
1. Vender Meg Mot Et Kommende
2. Slave Til Den Kommende Natt
3. Min Død Til Ende
4. Til Et Annet
5. Til Is Skal Jeg Forbli
6. Svinfylking
7. Høyt Oppe I Dypet
8. Sonardreyri

Now here's something you don't hear just everyday. Trelldom is a fairly simple, to the point black metal band playing harsh, "grim" black metal. The most notable thing about Til Et Annet... is that this absolutely rules. Raw, harsh black metal has limitations and fortunately, Trelldom has the songwriting smarts to work their way around them. Everything on this album is somewhat expected, from the high, trebly guitar to the pacing and the very twisted vocalizing (courtesy of Gaahl, who has also done some stuff with Gorgoroth). However, these songs are immediately catchy, if black metal is allowed to be such, and very memorable. The opening track, "Vender Meg Mot et Kommende", gets things started out perfectly, with raging double bass drum waterfalls and a fairly simple riff that also happens to create great song movement. A lot of the songs rely on repetition of riffs and fortunately that creates a more lasting song mood. Throughout, Gaahl contributes extremely twisted vocals that range from a "normal" black metal scream to unsettling croaks and other bizarre, creepy throat noises. Who'd have thunk there'd be variety for a black metal vocalist?

Til Et Annet... is chock full of excellent songs from the anthemic "Min Død til Ende" to the numbing repetition of the album closer "Sonardreyri". Definitely one of the better raw black metal albums out there, complete with great songs, perfectly appropriate production and sound.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2000

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