A Storm Is Brewing

Tremor - A Storm Is Brewing ©1997 Self-Released
1. Cadentz
2. Romantic Images
3. The Witch Hunt
4. A Voyage
5. The Beloved Ones
6. Gentle River
7. Minstrels
8. "Shocks"

Playing a milder variety of doom perhaps in the early style of The Gathering, Holland's Tremor has got a nice little album here that's been seeing a lot of spin time in my CD player as of late. The band is fairly tame and non-pervasive as those things go, but they also have the ability to write moving, beautiful music. There is a healthy mix of clean male and female singing, occasional growls, lush synth passages and slow tempos--all the prerequisites to making good atmospheric doom. Fortunately there are also grand moments of simply outstanding songwriting and damn near perfect melody lines. "Gentle River" is a very epic, fulfilling piece along those lines. The one downfall to this album is that the first quarter of it is somewhat uninspired and if you don't allow yourself to get through it, you'll miss the meat'n'potatoes part of the album. From "The Beloved Ones" on, this is very good. For anyone into latter day Tiamat or the Gathering, Tremor is highly recommended.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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