With War Comes Atrocities

Trephination - With War Comes Atrocities ©2000 Fleshfold Productions
1. Cloned Reoccurrences
2. Threading The Twine
3. Citadel

Relying on a brief three song EP, Philadelphia's Trephination does use their brief time accordingly to get their sound across. As all three tracks demonstrate, Trephination is a death metal band with some older thrash tendencies with a vocalist who has a wetter grunt and rasp than a lot of gutteral bands. That said, Trephination is one of those bands who has some promise but much of it does not gel here. All three songs lack complete song cohesion, as the transition within songs from riffs and rhythm patterns is often too abrupt and jumps too much within the song, rather than sliding. Due to that problem, the three songs do not particularly flow very well. This is a shame because as "Citadel" shows, the band has some great ideas with some fine work from the two guitarists. The reliance of blast beats within the arrangements is often just tired and overdone, rather than injecting any sort of freshness to the songs. Nevertheless, with some emphasis on elevating their songwriting from just brutality and death metal standard material, Trephination could easily become a very interesting band as all of the members show quite a bit of talent. Now it's just a matter of gelling.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2000

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