Triangle Paradise

Glimpse [demo]

Triangle Paradise - Glimpse ©2000 Self-Released
1. I Don't Know What I Want
2. What Do You Want From Me?
3. Blind Eye
4. Half The Way
5. Quiet And Distant

Reviewing demos can be such a chore because it's immediately apparent who is ready to take the next step with their music and who needs to head back to the drawing board. Triangle Paradise unfortunately falls into the latter category with their self-released demo, Glimpse. The glimpse offered here is not a pretty one of a band who is simply not ready to be putting forth this demo into the critical world. While there are glimmers of hope within the five songs, the overall impression one receives of the band is that they're just underdeveloped with their music.

The biggest and most obvious problem with Glimpse is the production. The drums and vocals are placed way too far forward in the mix and neither Marco Kinsey or Mike Carrothers, who split vocal duties, are world class singers. Having their voices so blatantly placed within the mix only furthers their inadequecies. The guitars, keyboards and bass are reduced to thin buzzes, making the songs sound much more stripped down than they should. The songs come across as only half realized and demanding more attention than they have gotten. "What Do You Want From Me?" has a good melody but the reduction of it to garage banality is counterproductive while "Quiet and Distant" is the best offering here with a strong brooding mood captured in the guitar playing. The duo almost seems to be screaming for more nuts and bolts to be added to their music, rather than first draft blueprints. In the future, hopefully Triangle Paradise will take the necessary time to flesh out their songs rather than create a demo that gives the impression of an excited, but naive band who are being encouraged by well meaning but misdirected friends to record. Glimpse at best suggests that the band has a core sound that needs some serious developing but at worst gives an awful first impression of a band who isn't ready to be releasing their music yet.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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