Tribes Of Neurot

Static Migration

Tribes Of Neurot - Static Migration ©1998 Release
1. Unspoken Path
2. Rust
3. Recurring Birth
4. March To The Sun
5. Origin Unknown
6. Blood And Water
7. Edgewood
8. Head Of The Scorpion

Tribes of Neurot consists of members of Neurosis taking another approach to music, mostly in the electronic/ambient direction while still retaining much of the bombastic nature of their day job. Static Migration is a truly mind bending excursion into a surreal and tortorous world of sound and most likely fulfilling the intentions of the band when they set out to record this. Some song titles accurately reflect in description what the music sounds like. For instance, the grinding, metronomic low tones actually sound like a "March to the Sun", the album's centerpiece. Tribal percussion is used throughout, as well as many effects ranging from the more Hawkwind-ish spacey electronics to guitar noises. The album moves fluidly throughout and can really start to affect your senses given the proper listening environment. This album is certainly more palatable than Neurosis, but quite possibly twice as insidious. Yup. I dig it.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2000

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