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King Of The Nordic Twilight

Luca Turilli - King Of The Nordic Twilight ©1999 Limb Music
1. To Magic Horizons
2. Black Dragon
3. Legend Of Steel
4. Lord Of The Winter Snow
5. Princess Aurora
6. The Ancient Forest Of Elves
7. Throne Of Ice
8. Where Heroes Lie
9. Warrior's Pride
10. Kings Of The Nordic Twilight

Hmm, the promo sticker on the jewel case reads, "The guitarist and song writer of the mighty warriors Rhapsody..." I guess Conan lives.

Someone needs to sit Luca Turilli down and ask him what color the sky is in his world. He keeps cranking out these huge fantasy metal discs. I just wonder if he walks around with a sword belted to his waist seeking a dragon to slay?

Luca Turilli of Rhapsody has released a solo effort that manages to sound unlike Rhapsody while retaining several elements of their sound at the same time. Confused? Yeah, so am I. The similarities are at once recognizable in the grand epic styles and flourishes, the ludicrous spoken parts and the huge choruses. The differences are in the operatic style vocalization used throughout the disc. Fabio Leone of Rhapsody is conspicuously absent from this side project. In his place is an army of epic choirists and male and female opera singers. Olaf Hayer, who does the largest part of the singing, is a good singer, higher in range than Leone, but with power, aggressiveness and sustain that fits the scope of this music. The singing is much bigger than that found on Rhapsody's discs. The use of classical interludes and inter-weaving is much heavier as well. This is a metal opera that tries to tell a story. The story is pure fluff, but the music supports it nonetheless.

Searing guitar solos lend credence to the thought that Turilli likes to strut his stuff, but the backing music is enormous, making it more likely that he is trying to push himself to the ends of his technical skills and produce an album that is as large as he can possibly make it. To that and, he succeeds well. While the story is flimsy, the play and orchestration on the disc is not. Fans of Rhapsody will enjoy the disc. I'd say that fans of most any symphonic, epic metal will enjoy this disc.

Luca Turilli may play with toy dragons and knights, but he writes some great music.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 08/2000

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