Turk Knifes Pope

Performance Crippling Data Restriction

Turk Knifes Pope - Performance Crippling Data Restriction ©1998 Zenflesh
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Aside from having one of the funniest album covers I've seen in a coon's age (however long that may be), Turk Knifes Pope is one of the stranger pieces of work I've come across in awhile. TKP nestles in that nebulous field of ambient/noise art music (which can easily take in artists as varied as Scorn to Controlled Bleeding to Merzbow to Aphex Twin) and this seventy plus minute recording easily falls under my personal definition of ambience. Since western music is based upon chords, three minute songs, catchy choruses (you know the rest...), there aren't as many tag points to explain away TKP's music. Instead, you get a lot of long drawn out tones, sound waves, lower register throbs and occasional rises and drops in recording levels. Obviously this isn't going to be the choice cup of tea for a teen looking for shoegazing anthems, but it succeeds on the field of latenight background sounds or perhaps something to play to cause your roommate to assume you've "lost your marbles". So if you liked Controlled Bleeding's The Poisoner or just are feeling anti-music, this might be of interest to you.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/1998

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