Twelfth of Never

Things That Were

Twelfth of Never - Things That Were ©2003 Dark Symphonies
1. Octoberland
2. Bratty Girl
3. Nightlong
4. Ever After Fading
5. Recognition
6. As Autumn Falls
7. The Tiny Drawer
8. Such Are Mirrors
9. Two Seven
10. Left Unsaid
11. Shades Of Grey

The influence of the Slowdive school of Floaty Music seems to be everywhere these days. It seems as though entire labels have surfaced in order to document the world of dreampop. Even metal labels are jumping in with their own entries into the competition. Dark Symphonies has found their own Floaty Music band with Twelfth of Never, a stateside five piece.

Things That Were is the first release for this quintet. If this band ends up being marketed towards a more metal audience, they should be classified as Evening Tunes for Romantic Metalheads. There are incidental comparisons to the likes of Mira as well as the oft-cited Slowdive throughout this CD. The band focuses on creating well woven songscapes using keyboards, guitar and of course Robin Tinkler's soft, soothing voice. Twelfth of Never rarely dips into the My Bloody Valentine method of shimmering distortion, instead relying on echoing, long-held tones and chords. Fans of Projekt Records' artists will instantly find a lot to love here, as this band comes across at times as a more organic Love Spirals Downwards.

This is the sort of album one puts on for pure relaxation and/or meditation. But since the word "meditation" summons up images of monks, robes and chanting, we'll aim more towards contemplative reading time. Regardless, Twelfth of Never has succeeded in creating a very pretty debut that never fails to deliver.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2003

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