2 Worth

Live, Sick And Raw

2 Worth - Live, Sick And Raw ©2000 AVD Records
1. Sometimes
2. Tongue Like A Battering Ram
3. Another Tragedy
4. Keep Fighting
5. Save Me From Myself
6. Psycho Ward
7. Give Up The Gun
8. Empty
9. Mary's Cure
10. Just Lonely
11. Kiss Goodbye

2 Worth really aren't going to impress anyone outside of their circle of doting friends in Las Vegas with this live release, appropriately called Live, Sick and Raw. Sounding like bad karaoke performed by only the most inebriated of the bar's clientele, Live, Sick and Raw is an embarrassingly bad recording that only can offer a massive cringe factor for the poor, suffering listener.

First off, the recording mix is atrocious. The guitars are buried far behind the vocals, giving it that feeling of something you may hear in some dive karaoke club. Worse yet, the flat, tuneless vocals of "Bomb" (his listed stage name) are among the worst I've ever heard. The poor sap cannot carry a tune to save his life and listening to him wander off key through these songs is an experience akin to the time I had to stand in line at the DMV behind some welfare mother and her six misbehaving kids. Attempts at anthemic material in the spirit of perhaps Pennywise are abysmal and only make things sound that much worse. Guitar solos are plastered on with little care to the song, not that simplistic chords really amount to anything but rudimentary attempts at punk songwriting. The drummer does nothing more than play fast, although he often doesn't sound like he's locked into the same song as the other members. The crowd in the background sounds like they're yelling at the bartender to bring more booze in order to blitz their poor minds and ears to the point where they can't hear the band anymore.

Given all the negative points of this album, there is no way I could possibly recommend this CD to anyone. That includes people whom I hate intensely. I wouldn't even inflict this wretched excuse for a recording upon them. 2 Worth is a band that comes across as a toothless pit bull gumming a victim into revulsion. I feel nothing but pity for those in attendance on the night of this recording.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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