Ultra Bidé

God Is God...Puke Is Puke

Ultra Bidé - God Is God...Puke Is Puke ©1995 Alternative Tentacles
1. Saigon Whore
2. What The Hell
3. Get High
4. Dude
5. Loop
6. Love Sucks
7. (Instrumental)
8. Kill Me Tender
9. Lovely Day
10. Mushi
11. Vacuum
12. Destroy

Ultra Bidé is a three piece noisy Japanese outfit that embodies the spirit of punk within a very feedback and sonically painful drapery. While the band often finds themselves in the midst of wild guitar distortions and effects, there's always an underlying song to keep a thread going, no matter who insane the music may be getting. The band also has an uncanny ability to loop from a hazy sheen of noise into a coherent, powerful song very quickly and effeciently, so the band doesn't fall into the Naked City trap of simply making a din for the hell of it. While the band is a bit too advanced to be considered punkers, some of the songs have a great straightforward thrust to them: "What the Hell" and "Lovely Day" are both to the point and groovy. Other songs focus in on destroying the song structure and rebuilding it right as you start to miss it. The vocals are somewhat hidden behind the music, but are a raspy, not quite tuneless thing that does fit the music well. The lyrics occasionally show an amusing Japanese take on English, as well as a bit of a serious accent, but it fits in. On a whole, God is God...Puke is Puke is a pleasing record that never quite fully dwells in noise to become a chore to listen to.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2001

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