Undisputed Heavyweight Champions

Stay Down

Undisputed Heavyweight Champions - Stay Down ©2001 Starvation Records
1. Silent Warning
2. Rock&Roll Tall Boy
3. Unholy Vows
4. Five The Hard Way
5. On The Ropes
6. Who's The Creep?
7. Shot, Stabbed & Beaten
8. Blows Must Decide
9. How To Manual
10. Canvas Face
11. Human Vapor
12. Rookie Mistake
13. Stay Down

Seattle's Undisputed Heavyweight Champions are one of those blitzcore punk bands who show exactly one songwriting idea and repeat it over a dozen times to create a record. They are certainly energetic lads who love to play fast punk music with a metalized edge, but unfortunately their enthusiasm is far from enough to really warrant any serious attention from any serious music fan. Sure, variations between songs are there, but they're slight. Close listens will naturally show differences, but this isn't the kind of album that begs for a close listen. Vocalist Jay Bradley has a strange voice that is almost melodic but lacking great character. Guitarists Tyler Williams and Jeffrey Worrell blaze their way through the album, laying down quite a few leads, but in predictable ways. The tempo rarely changes and the structuring of the songs aren't conducive to becoming memorable.

I can commend these Champions for their adrenaline rush, but the band needs to take great strides in learning dynamic songwriting before they'll become something I can recommend.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2002

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