The Urania News


The Urania News - Reform ©2003 Self-Released
1. Deus
2. Pusher
3. Grip
4. Sunbath
5. Silencer

The Urania News is not a tabloid gazette featuring otherworldly gossip. Rather, this intriguing band from Finland is a slightly experimental, but thoroughly musical endeavor that has successfully captured my attention with their 2003 demo, Reform. The Urania News approach is a multi-layered, deliberately measured style that works with intelligent rhythms, slow builds in tempo and dynamics and sparse vocals. Perhaps this would set them in the vague area of other significantly artsy acts such as any band that tries to out-art Radiohead, but that's a lazy classification since The Urania News doesn't quite sound like anyone else that comes to mind. At times it seems as though there is a mid-80s Cure influence, particularly in how the bass moves within the song. Other times, The Urania News simply sounds unique. Their sound is pulsating, engaging, soothing but enrapturing.

For a demo, Reform is extremely well recorded and sounds like this band has years of experience behind their musical creation. Despite a general malaise towards many newer acts, The Urania News is poised to grab a lot of attention and interest with future albums.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2004

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