Skeletal Season

Usurper - Skeletal Season ©1998 Necropolis
1. Shadowfiend
2. Dismal Wings Of Terror
3. Skeletal Season
4. Embrace The Dead
5. Prowling Death (the Demigoddess)
6. Cemetarian
7. Brimstone Fist
8. Wolflord

No one knew it at the time, but in 1985 there was a secret Swiss government experiment to clone metal singers and then covertly raise it to adulthood within fifteen years. Well, the experiment, we must report, is a success because the Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost fame is back in action, sounding just like he did on To Mega Therion. And if it's not a clone, it certainly sounds like it. However, considering how truly decadent and good those vocals were, Usurper's worship of the Frost is forgiveable and their vocalist is actually one-upping Tom on Skeletal Seasons. Mixing doom, a little black metal and some of the heaviest tempos imaginable, this disc is actually quite good. Usurper's ability to take the classic elements of the early years of evil metal and mold them into a more late-90's sense is commendable.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1999

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