Out Of Colours

Uzeda - Out Of Colours ©1991 First Warning
1. Hallucinated Games
2. Goddamn Thoughts
3. Angel
4. Happy Birthday
5. Between The Lines
6. Double Dreams
7. Strade Di Notte
8. Little Bird
9. Silent Bay
10. Big Face

Uzeda wastes no time in bursting out of the gate with a very groovy, catchy tune entitled "Hallucinated Games". This is the kind of song that pats a seat next to it and invites you to sit down, meet the other nine members of the musical family. Hailing from Italy and bearing a sound that predated the alternative slop that permeated the 90s, Uzeda's practical but stylish songwriting as well as enthusiastic playing make this album a nice little treat. There are some hints at Sonic Youth with the jangly guitars, but a lot of other influences slide by quite smoothly, allowing Uzeda to sound like no one in particular aside from themselves. Singer Giovanna Cacciola has a fairly throaty, strong voice and fortunately does not allow herself to wallow in breathy girlie nonsense. The musicians are given plenty of space in the production to allow for a large, airy and wide open sound that resonates warmly. Uzeda probably should have been given a little more attention throughout the nineties as they simply wrote and performed good songs.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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