Tara Vanflower

This Womb Like Liquid Honey

Tara Vanflower - This Womb Like Liquid Honey ©1999 Projekt
1. Opal Star
2. Pink Fingers
3. This Womb Like Liquid Honey
4. Little Bleu Cherry Girl
5. Bugbear
6. Elephant
7. Ezekial 37.1.14
8. Black Fuzzy
9. Galactipus
10. Zygote The Nothing
11. The Old Hag
12. Talitha Koum

Stepping outside her role in the excellent Lycia, Tara Vanflower's solo excursion is one that sails directly into very strange and unsettling waters. Tara eschews the relatively standard sound of Lycia for something that is much less constructed and predictable, with varying results. Perhaps the only constant between this and Lycia is her floating, childlike but soft voice. Bizarre effects, dissonant and dizzying song structure and just a general left field approach make this album a rather unusual piece of work that doesn't quite hold the promise of, say, a Lycia record. Some sections are nothing but sound effects and ethereal voices and others are minimalistic soundscapes over which Tara's voice hovers. For a listener, this can unfortunately work against general enjoyment of her talent. While "Black Fuzzy" falls into the category of actual song with little excessive window dressing, the immediate song afterwards is an example of a soundscape not holding up. The result is a varied album that is either maddening or interesting, depending on how musically dressed down you feel like being tonight.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1999

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