The Dingees

Armageddon Massive

The Dingees - Armageddon Massive ©1998 BeC Recordings
1. Ghetto Box Smash
2. Chaos Control
3. Bullet Proof
4. Could Be Worse
5. Workin' Man's Blues
6. Rebel Youth
7. Betrayal
8. Deadman
9. Carry On With The Countdown
10. Another Burnin' City
11. Escape To L.A.

In recent years, the punk world has met with some schizophrenia with bands not sure if they want to be a ska band or a poppunk band. It's as though they, on one hand, see Green Day and Offspring's success and want to venture that route. But then a few ska oriented bands are getting attention, so they must sway that direction. "Quick! Let's get a wobbly bass line and some high school horn players!" Much of what gets released lacks much depth or digs beyond the superficiality of taking the beaten path. I will give this particular band, The Dingees, a little credit for often sounding more like Stiff Little Fingers than Rancid. The thing that irritates about the Dingees is that they refuse to pitch a tent in one camp. Half the record is basic three chord shoutalong punk that does little to differentiate them from one thousand other bands. But the ska sections are quite good. Their ability to write smooth traditional ska is noteworthy. I would have actually preferred an entire album of it as they do it quite well. I suppose their straddling the fence represents nothing more than running the two styles up the flagpole and seeing who salutes to what. That all said, Armageddon Massive is a decent, albeit Sybil-like record.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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