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Tangled In Dream

Vanishing Point - Tangled In Dream ©2000 Limb Music
1. Surreal
2. Samsara
3. Closer Apart
4. Bring On The Rain
5. Never Walk Away
6. The Real You
7. Two Minds One Soul
8. I Will Awake
9. Dancing With The Devil
10. Father (7 Years)
11. Tangled In Dream

Hailing from Australia, Vanishing Point is a progressive metal band that shows a lot of promise with the release of Tangled In Dream, their second full CD. This disc is done very much in the Dream Theater vein of progressive metal. The music is richly layered and the vocal melodies are very well done. There are noticeable influences from Fates Warning and Dream Theater, but not to the point that this band can be called a clone of either. If I were to have anything negative to say it would be that the play seems to be holding back at times when they could let it rip, but the restrained play works well in most cases.

Outstanding on this disc are the catchy melodies. The music is highly accessible and the choruses are catchy enough to sing along. The cover of Pink Floyd's "On The Turning Away" that is buried in one of the tracks is really well done and a nice unexpected surprise while you are listening. Often progressive metal bands try to be distant and obscure. Vanishing Point do not do this. They offer a sound that is warm and welcoming. The music invites you in to listen and captivates you with its intricacy and mesmerizing pace. I can heartily recommend this disc to fans of progressive metal.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 02/2001

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