To Dimension Logic

Vauxdvihl - To Dimension Logic ©1994 Advent
1. The Weapon
2. To Dimension Logic
3. Questions Of Misanthropy
4. Separate Ends
5. Comedy Of Errors
6. Philosophic Mosaica
7. In Search Of Forever
8. Minus Absence

Though no longer together, Vauxdvihl released some really great progressive metal in the early 90's. Hailing from Australia, Vauxdvihl offered some intelligent, thoughtful metal that balanced on the edge of progressive metal and power metal.

The disc features some great guitar work and the usual high-pitched vocalist you would expect from a prog metal act. The lyrics are several steps above the run of the mill for metal, being contemplative and almost philosophical in nature. The songs are wordy with some intricate musical interludes between the verses. The vocal melodies have a bit of complexity to them as well.

With all that going for them, you'd think I'd like the disc, but I don't. The songs all sound the same. It's as though the words and a few bars of music change, but the basic structure, sound and engine behind it all stay unchanged. Once you've heard the hooks and a chorus or two, you've pretty much heard the disc and you begin waiting for it to end. A personal quirk, I know, but this is a personal review.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2000

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