Ved Buens Ende

Written In Waters

Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters ©1995 Misanthropy
1. I Sang For The Swans
2. You, That May Wither
3. It's Magic
4. Den Saakaldte
5. Carrier Of Wounds
6. Called In Wings
7. Autumn Leaves
8. Remembrance Of Things Past
9. To Swarn Deserted Away

Despite their angular approach to metal and a rather odd stylistic variation, Ved Buens Ende basically failed to impress me to any degree with Written in Waters. Interesting intentions do abound and I like the way the bass slithers in winding patterns below the somewhat flat guitar. The drumming is also a bit untethered by any normal tradition of metal or rock. What kills the effort is a lack of strong songwriting that utilizes the musicianship and the unbearably off key moaning vocals. There are times where someone does a black metal troll rasp (it's really dopey sounding) or layer clean moaning with the rasping. To a certain degree this album would have succeeded better had vocals never been a part of the equation, but overall it's an experiment that fails to a high degree.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1999

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