Architects And Murderers

Vedisni - Architects And Murderers ©2000 Dragon Flight Recordings
1. Fnord, As Gift
2. Mercurious Apex-blue Psyche
3. Where Ouspensky Failed And Gurdjieff Fled
4. A Sword Into A Cupe, As Seven Insects Proclaim
5. Driven East Like Anothers' Menace

I haven't ever quite figured out the appeal for this sort of ambient white noise therapy music. Although Controlled Bleeding is a band who I truly enjoy, their excursions into damaging, distorted sounds and explosive outburts of unmitigated noise assaults were hardly tolerable. I always suspected those experimental releases were a hoot to record but I honestly don't know where the appeal for the listener may lie. I bring this up because Vedisni is treading much of the same choppy waters here with the release of Architects and Murderers. This recording is very much a grayscale assault on the ears, not so much music but rather the ebb and flow of tones, sounds and distorted effects. While not as speaker shredding as Controlled Bleeding's noise terrorism, Vedisni can make the listener utterly and fully uncomfortable during the course of this CD. The best analogy to describe the music might be simply to visualize the passing of a landscape during a blizzard or other violent storm. Storms tend to build and diminish and that's precisely what the noises here do. There are slightly serene parts that might lull the listener into false sense of security, but blasts of distorted and harsh noise will jar the listener back into his unhappy place. The occasional voices remind me a tad of Jim "Foetus" Thirlwell's sinister rasp.

Essentially, Vedisni is the nightmare that Scorn, Lull, Controlled Bleeding and Bill Laswell never wished upon their worst enemies. And chances are, that's precisely the intention of the artist. There's obviously no mass appeal here, but the small segment of society that seems to crave the music that'll clear any arena of your choice might consider checking out the dysfunctional noise parade of Vedisni. And while they're doing that, I'm going to go clutch my replacement teddybear for security.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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