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God Was Created

Vehemence - God Was Created ©2002 Metal Blade
1. Made For Her Jesus
2. She Never Noticed Me
3. Fantasy From Pain
4. Christ, I F**king Hate You!
5. Lusting For Affection
6. The Last Fantasy Of Christ
7. I Didn't Kill Her
8. God Was Created
9. I Must Not Live
10. The Lord's Work

"They could have been a contender."

These words could definitely describe Phoenix's Vehemence, a fairly new entry into the world of death metal. If not for the want of a good vocalist, Vehemence could have turned a lot of heads with their rather musically mature, well-thought out mixture of brutality and impressive musicianship that draws upon many influences for a broad atmosphere. Unfortunately, vocalist Nathan Gearhart's monotonous approach renders this album difficult to sit through. While I've become an expert at tuning out less than stellar vocalists over the years (it's a requirement if you want to enjoy most forms of metal or punk), Gearhart's delivery is so grating that it ruins what is a fairly good album. The musicians in Vehemence employ a wide range of approaches with impressively moody leads, segments of gut wrenching brutality and melodicism of a European flair. However, those vocals! They make my eyes cross, my ears numb and completely turn me off from this band. Such a low, gutteral and unyielding approach might work for a band attempting to imitate Deicide, but the music on God Was Created demands a more versatile and dynamic singer. I hate to push an album aside due to one aspect, but in this case, I have no choice. By album's end, I wanted nothing more than to slice the cord to Gearhart's microphone and let the band perform as an instrumental outfit.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2003

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