Veiled Allusions


Veiled Allusions - Rosenkranz ©2002 Dragon Flight Recordings
1. Kali Ma
2. Faust Pt. I
3. Faust Pt. II
4. Counting The Drops

If hanging around machine shops or listening to the appliance section of Sears is your idea of a great concert experience, perhaps the strict ambience of Veiled Allusions is for you. In fact, if there is something in your personality that has rejected all forms of recognizable music, there's probably something for you here. Veiled Allusions is an ambient act in the strictest sense of the word. Whereas most ambient acts are actually frustrated soundtrack composers who treat their listeners to soft keyboard compositions mixed with sounds of nature and welders, Veiled Allusions is mechanical, lacking construction and completely non-musical. Okay, perhaps that's not quite true. While "Faust Pt. I" is a lengthy piece that sounds like the echoing far end of a small factory at night, "Faust Pt. II" sounds like the ghost of Bill Laswell recorded some decaying dub bass fifty paces. There is a slight sense of rhythm throughout the CD, but done in a quite non-musical way.

Overall, Veiled Allusions is only recommended for those who prefer sparse sound effect over any sort of composition. It certainly does not move me in any way, except for increasing my urge to buy a household appliance.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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