Night On The Bare Mountain

Veles - Night On The Bare Mountain ©1996 No Colours
1. Intro -Night On The Bare Mountain
2. The Winter Morning
3. A Dark Dream
4. The Final Battle
5. Majesty Of War
6. My Bloodthirst -The Horrorstorm
7. Born Of Darkness
8. My Pagan Fatherland (Evil Power's Night)
9. Outro -Forest Of The Horrifying

Why, this CD has all the makings of a great Graveland album. Epic songwriting passages, ominous keyboards hinting at a cold, dire end of the world, grating black metal groanings...but of course, the spine of the CD claims the band to be Veles, another Polish band hailing war, pain, white power, etc. I'm still mystified that these Slavic people would embrace an ideology that found them at the wrong end of German tank guns over fifty years ago, but hey, kids will be kids.

Simply put, Graveland fans will enjoy this. In fact, if it helps, feel free to call them Graveland Jr. Veles is minutely different than their more famous screwballs and of course enjoy the benefit of a better drummer. Not that this is saying much. Veles also succeeds in creating the mythical, epic atmosphere that so many bands since Bathory's Hammerheart have been striving for. At times I do think they mimic Graveland too much for their own good. Presumably Blasphemous, the leader of this band, would prefer having his own separate identity. Perhaps he just feel there are strengths in numbers. Regardless of lack of complete identity and the low mastering job on the CD, Night on the Bare Mountain is a decent piece of work that is worth the energy in finding for anyone into the epic "hateful" black metal genre.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/1999

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