Venice 13


Venice 13 - Spiked ©2001 Neurodisc
1. Juice
2. Oxygen
3. Psycho Spell
4. Razorhead
5. Funky Dog
6. Voltage
7. Gettin On One
8. What's Up
9. Kooki Itch
10. Worm
11. Maker Taker
12. Bad Boy
13. San Lorenzo
14. Injected
15. Fire In The Hole

The promo sheet for Spiked reports that "at times, V13 sound familiar, but just when you think you have them figured out, the music veers off into unchartered territory". Well yes, they do sound familiar; in fact, they sound so familiar that by the time I get to the fifth song, I realize I'm biting my nails worriedly because there are ten left to go. Their music doesn't really ever veer off into unchartered territory as promised, though, choosing instead to keep its little sonic cart safely within wheel ruts dug by other, bigger electrowagons.

Perhaps I'm being a little harsh. The disc does have its strong points - it's well produced, for one, and I certainly can't fault the musicians for not knowing how to work their instruments properly. I suppose that there's a specific demographic that will swallow this whole and think it fine cuisine (the one whose members' record collections consist of The Prodigy remixes and the worst of KMFDM's back catalogue - they know who they are), but the rest of us would be well advised to leave this release on the store shelves.

Review by C. LeRoux

Review date: 08/2001

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