Viaje A 800

Diablo Roto De...

Viaje A 800 - Diablo Roto De... ©2001 Custom Heavy Records
1. Roto Blues
2. Cardio Limite
3. Solo
4. Higomon 2 A
5. Largo Beso Recto
6. Higomon 2 B
7. Vuelo Inferno/After En Marte
8. Humo De Mota
9. Valiums

Hailing from Spain, Viaje a 800 is a groove laden "stoner rock" (I rather dislike that subgenre name) outfit who has come up with a sound that sounds like a cross between Kyuss and Hawkwind. The band sings in their native tongue, which hopefully won't be a turnoff for international audiences, as it truly is inconsequential. This lengthy disc moves slowly but never drags its feet on the way to the groove factory. Each song wallows in that swamp of heaviness and murky delusional Sabbath dripping riffs, but, like Kyuss before them, each of the tunes is able to capture a vibe and go with it. Some of the instrumental passages do grab a Hawkwind sense of psychedelica, particularly "Vuelo inferno/After en marte", which sounds straight out of In Search of Space.

Viaje a 800 isn't necessarily knocking down doors of innovation with Diablo Roto De.., but at the same time they have offered a record for the doomier end of stoner rock that doesn't collapse in the haze of their drugs of choice. The music on this CD actually has a purpose and is much more than a bleary-eyed jam session. Most certainly an outfit fans of the late Kyuss should search out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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