Vision Of Disorder

Vision Of Disorder

Vision Of Disorder - Vision Of Disorder ©1996 Roadrunner
1. Element
2. Watering Disease
3. Through My Eyes
4. Viola
5. Liberation
6. Divide
7. Ways To Destroy One's Ambition
8. Suffer
9. Zone Zero
10. D.T.O.
11. Excess
12. Gloom

Imagine sawing off your own toes with a rusty blade. Or, if you prefer, consider slamming a hammer onto your thumb again and again. Chances are you'll prefer not to do that as needless pain is best left to those into the, uh, seedier parts of the internet. And believe me, listening to this debut record from the highly touted Vision of Disorder is quite similar to slamming my forehead onto a brick wall. While the band pulls of reasonably decent thrashesque riffing matched with a very nimble rhythm section, it's the vocals of Tim Williams that entirely ruin it for me. Now if the music was more remarkable, I might be able to force myself to tone out the vocals, but unfortunately, the music is only so-so and Williams' singing is at the forefront. He has a habit of alternating between a shrill, hoarse scream and a terribly whiny clean voice that does nothing but detract from the songs. Not being the biggest fan of hardcore to begin with, V.O.D. simply is one of those things I can easily do without.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1998

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