Vital Remains

Forever Underground

Vital Remains - Forever Underground ©1997 Osmose
1. Forever Underground
2. Battle Ground
3. I Am God
4. Farewell To The Messiah
5. Eastern Journey
6. Divine In Fire

Unfortunately Vital Remains are one of the few Osmose bands I've heard (along with black metal merchants Marduk and the god-like Dark Tranquillity) because of suspect distribution. Nonetheless, Vital Remains touch all underground metal bases, with an introduction that borrows much from the spooky black metal stalwarts Emperor, vocals that conjure Napalm's Barney, and packaging that screams Morbid Angel, or any number of American Satanic acts. Not crazed and manic enough for black, not technical enough for death, Vital Remains appear to be stuck in Bland Land, and frankly, and I'm not terribly interested. Forever Underground is not appalling, it's just sort of redundant, especially with countless relevant others doing proper justice to the genre. Also, if you're going to go through the ringers of signing a deal and releasing an album, you've GOT to learn how to spell "rhythm", and maybe a proof reading or two wouldn't hurt as evidenced by the error riddled lyrics in the CD booklet, damn funny to read. Think nothing of the fact that a guy named David Suzuki plays drums for Vital Remains.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 12/1998

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